❝ Of course I was. ❞

           He’s still oblivious about the book, seeing that he’s too busy lying about it
           to notice. Maybe he’s trying too hard—-or not at all, but he doesn’t really 
           care at this point. He’s just b o r e d. 

                She’s in shock someone could be so adamant on
                    lying that they don’t notice how ridiculous they’re looking.

                        ❝ No you weren’t. Because if you had—— ❞

                              yanks the book out of his hand and held it the way he had been,
                                                  while making a probably offensive face.

                                     ❝ You would realise this is how you’ve looked for
                                                                    the past ten minutes. ❞

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     ❝ ——That’s nice. ❞

           by ‘nice’, he means that it’s utterly boring and is silently pleading
           for a topic change before he drops  d  e  a  d. 

         ❝ You weren’t even listening. ❞

                       Maybe if he had been, he would be aware that he’s currently
                       holding the book he’s pretending to read u p s i d e down.

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  ""Melody! Mel, look! I got my hair back!" Rapunzel beamed, spinning around. "I haven't seen you in forever! How ARE you?!!!""

                                           ❝ Oh Rapunzel, that’s wonderful! ❞ 

             The younger princess is taken by surprise from the sight of her friend’s
             long, blonde hair— she had only ever seen her with it short and brown,
             and while Rapunzel looked beautiful either way, Melody had to admit
             that she found the blonde hair quite striking. 

                                 ❝ I’ve missed you so much! I’m lovely— though a little hungry.
                                          Would you like to join me for lunch? I haven’t eaten all day.
                                                The weather is just too nice to spend too much time inside! ❞

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eXCUSE ?!?!??!!

ikr mom 

kick his ass i got ur flower



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  "pop drops & locks sadly :(((( no ey macerna"

u don’t have the rhythm in u grasshopper 

  "ur moms got what coot ies ??"


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———hiatus notice


soooo saturday morning i’m leaving to go on vacation, and i’ll be gone for a week. from here on out i’m going to be pretty busy (i haven’t done much roleplaying this week anyway but i didn’t want to go all hiatus mode until last minute) i don’t really want to spend my entire holiday time on tumblr, so i’m putting all my roleplay blogs on hiatus while i’m gone. i might get on skype every now and then, so you can ask for that if you want. i’ll also be on my personal sometimes as well uvu

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heading to bed now but like this if you want a starter when i wake up okay thank u

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heading to bed now but like this if you want a starter when i wake up okay thank u

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Breathtaking Sceneries from Disney Movies - [33/??]

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

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